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The Almighty God comes in human form to this world from time to time to save and salvage human beings from the unending and unbearable pains and misery of this materialistic world. By His divine love and by demonstrating the ideal way of life the Saviour shows the right path to set them free from their predicament. He uplifts the ordinary human being to extra-ordinary level of spiritual enlightenment and God-consciousness. "Sri Sri Ram Thakur" is such a soul. He is also revered to as "Sri Sri Kaibalyanath" or "Sri Sri Satyanarayan". He took the human form for the spiritual upliftment of all, irrespective of religion, caste, creed, sex, colour and class. Most of them were drawn towards Him & fascinated by His magnetic divine personality, His magnanimity & affection for all, and also by His pleasant personality. He said that to attain "Brahma", the supreme being, requires a lot of perseverance and practice of the ways and means demonstrated by a great soul. A short life-sketch of the great and noble saint is presented here. The initiates having trust in Him would naturally want to know a good deal about Him, particularly those whose contacts with Him have been few and far between. There are others, the general readers, who know next to nothing about Him and might be curious. The need for a life-sketch cannot therefore be brushed aside. The going has been halting for a number of reasons: To quote from the preface to the contemplated “Life of Sri Sri Thakur” by my friend, the Late Prabhatchandra Chakravarty:- . “An indomitable impulse is compelling me to bring to the light of common day the godly life of . the great saint. I do however know that I am acting against His wishes – not the ghost of a doubt about it. As I had put trust in Him, it is transgression on my part; but I plead having been inspired by a devout wish to sing in praise of Sri Sri Thakur Ramchandra-the one sanctifying occupation in the eddy of endless pleasures, pains, frustrations and sins.

Notable Quote

“Surrender to God empowers the soul to secure its deliverance from the worldly entanglements brought on by the revolving wheel of Fate.”

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Aims and Objectives

“To provide messages and teachings of Sri Sri Ram Thakur. To provide information related to Sri Sri Ram Thakur. To provide information related.”

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Mission & vision

“Try to open the messages and teachings of Sri Sri Ram Thakur to all, for the purpose of become free from all wordly attachments and attain salvation.”

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